This year I have started to attend inline skating lessons and I have realised that more and more people, adults and children, are getting interested in this sport.

Inline skates usually have 4 wheels in a single line, theoretically in order to skate faster and manoeuvre better than using roller skates.

The lessons I am taking are taught by a lot of young people, whose jobs are related to sports and who really love skating. They started a group called Sobre Rodas in order to let people know about this sport and make them feel like and meet other people who like practising it.

Why skating? Well, because you exercise all (yes, all) your muscles, you burn a lot of calories, your motor coordination and your ability to balance increase; you improve your VO2 max (maximal aerobic capacity) which is the maximum capacity of someone’s body to transport and use oxygen during incremental exercise. And you also make friends!

Their lessons are really enjoyable because they combine the theoretical teaching with technical exercises and games like football, hockey or ball tag. They make it really easy for you to learn and feel safe.

We are divided into groups depending on our ability to skate. There’s a group of beginners for those who start skating for their first time and can’t move towards or brake. Then you go to the next level: intermediate, in which you learn how to perform new movements while moving on your skates. And finally, the advanced which is...incredible! Advanced skaters can do almost anything: jump, turn around, move backwards, move on just one foot with the other one in the air...

They also organize meetings from time to time to get together and go skating to different places around Ferrolterra, and even charity events.

So, why not trying? I’m sure you’ll really enjoy it.