Last week I was at the beach and I decided to go for a walk. When I was going back to my towel, I stopped to have a bath when a big wave came and I fell down. I had a horrible pain in my foot, so I told my husband and he took me to the emergency room in the local hospital. Once we got there, he helped me inside with a wheelchair. Then we filled out the forms and answered some questions:

A: What’s the matter?

B:  I’ve sprained my ankle.


Perhaps you don’t know what phubbing is but I am sure you have practised or suffered it. I have just learnt this new term, made by joining the words phone and snubbing, which is the act of bothering someone in a social context by looking at your phone instead of paying attention to the people around you.


Con el ritmo de vida que llevamos hoy en día parece imposible conciliar la vida laboral y familiar, y más aún si queremos ampliar nuestro currículum o formarnos en algún campo nuevo. Es por ello que CEO se decanta por el E-LEARNING para poder ocuparnos de todo lo que queramos cuando podamos, ya que nos ofrece mayor flexibilidad que la formación presencial y no obliga a los alumnos a desplazarse.


Hoy comenzamos nuestra promoción "POSTCARD".

Hemos empezado a repartir postales de lugares donde se habla el inglés, hay 5 en total. Si encuentras una de ellas, pónte en contacto con nosotros porque podrás realizar uno de nuestro cursos on-line, TOTALMENTE GRATIS!!

Así que ya sabes, en cualquier lugar puedes encontrar la solución para comunicarte en cualquiera de esos países, buena suerte!!



The first thing we have to do when we get to the train station is to buy a ticket, we can choose between a single or one-way ticket and a return:

A: I’d like a single to Manchester, please.

B: That’s two pounds fifty.



Writing postcards is not a common habit in the present with all other types of correspondence we have: mails, text messages, etc. But it is good to be able to write postcards just in case one day you feel like doing it or you find a really funny one you want to send.

A postcard is divided into two columns:

On the right top we’ll stick the stamp and below it we have some lines to write our name and address.




This is a picture of a plane with all its parts:


1-rudder                                                       9- first-class cabin

2-tail                                                             10- nose

3- elevator                                                   11- radar

I English Immersion Weekend... the results

We have just finished our first, successful, English Immersion Weekend. It has been wonderful! The students behaved very weel and spoke English all weekend in all situations.

We practised a little bit of everything:

We started with a tour around the house, which is wonderful and had the first activity: an ice-breaking game, really useful and fun! 


I English Immersion Weekend

Tomorrow we start our I English Immersion Weekend.

Rural house, swimming pool, good food and better company. The whole weekend in English: meals, activities, games, films, meetings, etc. And surprises too!!

In a couple of days more details...


Hello everybody! Let’s play with music today. I’m sure you’ll all know the song, it’s the latest Rihanna’s one. This is an advanced-level exercise since it’s not the typical “fill in the gaps”: here you have all the sentences in the song, you are supposed to write them in order and as many times as they are needed. Enjoy!


DIAMONDS                       by Rihanna


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