Many places have their own traditions when welcoming new year , I have chosen some of them to share with you because it’s always good to know foreign customs and you never know where you’ll be celebrating next year... wink

In Ireland, people throw bread against the walls in order to attract good luck and chase spirits away.

In England they believe that the first guest for the year would bring fortune for them: he should be a male, enter through the front door and bear some traditional gifts like drink for the head of the family or coal to light the fire, otherwise he is not allowed.

In Venice they have a very romantic tradition: thousands of people meet in Piazza San Marco for a mass kiss.

In Siberia they prefer braver customs: they go for a swim on a frozen lake carrying a tree.

Danish people throw old dishes on the friends’ doors during New Year and they keep them in front of their doors to symbolize friendship and brotherhood. The more dishes you have outside, the more friends you have.

In Chile they spend the night in the graveyard with their dead relatives.

In China every front door of a house is painted in red to symbolize happiness and good fortune. They hide all the knives for the day so that no one get hurt, because that may cut the entire family good luck for the new year.

In South Africa, people throw old furniture out through their windows because they don’t want to keep any junk for the new year.

In Spain, we wear red underwear and eat twelve grapes as midnight strikes because it’s thought to bring good luck.

What do you think about these traditions? Which is the oddest one? Have you ever been celebrated the last night of the year in another country?

 If you follow this link you’ll see some pictures showing these and other traditions:

I wish you a new year full of health, love , happiness and English, of course!!